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We make and love comics!

Let's settle this once and for all! Why did the chicken cross the road? 

52 deviants said To get to the other side
49 deviants said Because f*ck you that's why
28 deviants said To stop the ALIEN INVASION!!!
24 deviants said Because it was depressed and wanted to die
20 deviants said Actually... (comment)
11 deviants said the chicken does the mental ability to cognate therefore it was random
7 deviants said To get away from the fox
3 deviants said Because it was a road chicken and not a road hog

Welcome to The Devart Comics

This a group for comic lovers! Whether you make them or just read them you are welcomed here.

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:bulletblack: Submit to the correct folders. Featured (and Featured 2) folder(s) is closed.

:bulletblack: The submission limit is 1 per day.

:bulletblack: Spam will not be tolerated!

:bulletblack: Mature content is accepted, just mark it as such.

:bulletblack: Please be respectful to others and their works.

:bulletblack: Don't flood the favourites with 1 artist, have a variety and keep it related to comics.

:bulletblack: If you find something breaking a rule or misplaced, please let us know.

:bulletblack: Do not submit something more than once, sometimes it can take us a while to accept everything

:bulletred: If you have an questions or concerns please send a note to the group or devart-comics.

Gallery Folders

Forgiveness by PhotoshopIsMyKung-Fu
Lich King Inks (fanart) by Tadpole7
Inktober 2016 - Day 30: Alolan Sandslash by Shono
Inktober 2016 - Day 29: Mewtwo by Shono
Dinah and Sean Legends Vol 2 P71 by Dinahmite64
Twist of Fate - Rivera by Pauldew

Mature Content

Triple Decker Contest - Coloured Contest Entry by MikeOrion
Triple Decker Colors Entry - Urban Fairie by carriehowarth
Cover Art
Lost Colors Knight Rai 2-100 by ALDAL
The Punsher by puzzlepalette
Weirdness #17 - Kaleidoscope BooGie by JJ422
FaLLEN Chapter 12 -Front Cover- by OgawaBurukku
One Panel and Oneshots
Kokoro Screentone Practice by NekohimeKagepuma
Pol 2017 by wayneabrown35
cihuacoatl, la llorona el inicio by terminus70

Mature Content

UTU 1 PG.29 by BrianThomasX
Romance Comics
The Sovereigncy 1.01.16 by nearmintmill
Easy Chapter 4 - 29 by BlahRascal
Maddie in America - Volume 2 - Page 12 by Maddie-Maze
Maddie in America - Volume 2 - Page 11 by Maddie-Maze
Drama Comics
Animal Square Page 1 Reef Shark by SEAFLAPFLAP
Jamie Jupiter Season1 Episode20 Page22 by KarToon12
Cliche Chapter 3 Page 1 by grandimister
Boystory: The Escape: Chapter Two 13 by CrossXComix
Sci-fi Comics
AFC Chpt.1 pg.4 Infiltration Complete by TJCanterbury
Bloodlust 1. , page 15 by BloodlustComics
Nextuus Page 955 by NyQuilDreamer
Horror , Thriller Comics
Ghoulish Behavior -page 5- by DetectiveSketch
La fille dans les bois - P 15/20 by Labrude
PhS- Clingy master- (pg4) by Pheenixorphan
Ghoulish Behavior -page 4- by DetectiveSketch
Fan Comics 2
Rwby/Father ted: Kicking Cinder up the arse by sentry1996
ES: Find Yourself 200 by EStories
MUGEN- Infinite Fantasy: Chapter 2 by Supa-Syrex
Between two worlds vol 7 page 100 by neko-comix
Fan Comics
Cortes bloody Gold 66 by KomyFly
Lonely Hooves 2-17 by Zaron
Silent Hill Promise: 797-799 by Greer-The-Raven
ES: Seeds of Darkness 044 by EStories

Mature Content

Infrared (Graphic Novel script) by StopSignOfDeath
18 +

Mature Content

BRIGAND'S BAY #2! Cover by MTJpub
3D and merch
Safg 9 Page 6 by SAFG
Corset Lacing Yes/No by NekohimeKagepuma
Fantasy Comics 2
Legio Arcana-Chapter 3: Page 9 by bluehorse-rmd
Original art 2
Merebunef -the herald by arepa999
General Comics 3
Africa -Pages 99 (With Narrated Video) by ARVEN92
Fan Art 3
Action, Adventure Comics 2
Whetstone Chapter 2 Page 10 by WhiteSpireStudios
Manga: Original Works 2
Imper Forest, Meet the character: Addie Razor by BlueTide1410
Comedy Comics 3
008 - Cooking Mama by Zebesian
Manga 2
DH Ch3 Page 9 by DawidDymczyk2014
Comedy: CLOSED
Kiwi by sebreg
Comedy 2: CLOSED
Glowing Stars - [prologue] by LisiastoWilczysta
Fan Art - CLOSED
Starfire and Nightfluff by MaggotCustard
Fan Art 2 - CLOSED
Wonder Woman by JulianPetrov
Fantasy Comics - CLOSED
LiA - Chp 5 Pg 28 by LivesInAramire
Finished contests
Manga: Original works CLOSED
I Am No Hero Chapter 0: A Hero's Fate part 1 by Jethroxas13
Action , Adventure Comics CLOSED
Dogstar: Chapter 4 - Page 18 by BVW
General Comics:CLOSED
Dungeons and Dragons: Meet the Party by EmpatheticFrog
General Comics 2: CLOSED
Poison by Size-And-Stupidity
Original Art - CLOSED
Yoshio and Hideo by ZooZooDraws

Active Members


Hello I'm Jason also known as :icontadpole7:

Currently I'm the main moderator for :iconthe-devart-comics: and for all intents and purposes the only one these last two years. :iconstinethekitty: has been able to help me out occasionally but I haven't been able to keep up even with her help.

So I'm looking to take on another 2 or 3 moderators on board to help prevent the current spate of expired submissions.

It would entail at least an hour every week of approving submissions,  declining submissions that are assigned to the wrong folder and letting the submitter know what the appropriate folder is. Also answering questions that members have.

I'd also be open to projects, events and other group related activities that people would like to pursue.

I apologizes to everyone who has had submissions expire these last two years. I should've looked for help with this a little sooner.

Anyone who is interested, or has questions drop me a note at :icontadpole7:   You have until the 18th of October to contact me.

I'll make my choices by the 20th of October.
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SB-Artworks Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for adding my art to your gallery.
Copper-Mouflon Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you for accepting our pages OMG! I can't contain my excitement!

We hope everyone here will enjoy our story :D (Big Grin)
mdbruffy Featured By Owner Edited Dec 30, 2016
I'm confused. I submitted a sci-fi comic to the sci-fi comic folder only to get a reply telling me to resubmit to"3D and Merch"? Why would a comic go there?
KomyFly Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahoy an`Avast,mates,miladys or whatever you are.Thanks  for accepting me !Skull and Crossbones 
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