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Welcome to The Devart Comics

This a group for comic lovers! Whether you make them or just read them you are welcomed here.

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:bulletblack: Submissions with nudity must be submitted to the 18 + folder. There are no exceptions to this rule.

:bulletblack: Submit to the correct folders. Featured (and Featured 2) folder(s) is closed.

:bulletblack: The submission limit is 1 per day.

:bulletblack: Spam will not be tolerated!

:bulletblack: Mature content is accepted, just mark it as such.

:bulletblack: Please be respectful to others and their works.

:bulletblack: Don't flood the favourites with 1 artist, have a variety and keep it related to comics.

:bulletblack: If you find something breaking a rule or misplaced, please let us know.

:bulletblack: Do not submit something more than once, sometimes it can take us a while to accept everything

:bulletred: If you have an questions or concerns please send a note to the group or devart-comics.

Gallery Folders

Nananana Batman by ObakeKingu
RetroBlade Page 44 by Vermin-Star
Elinor Jones Yemanja P05 by auroreblackcat
Elephantmen 69 by AxelMedellin
Cover Art
If Death had a Cat by IfDeathhadaCat
Darklings - Issue 5 cover by RavynSoul
Monigga by Mei-Hong1612
Colors of Imagination by Suzarte1
Twist of Fate - Rivera by Pauldew

Mature Content

Triple Decker Contest - Coloured Contest Entry by MikeOrion
Triple Decker Colors Entry - Urban Fairie by carriehowarth

Mature Content

Triple Decker Contest- Colors Eaten By Rats Page 1 by likwidlead
General Comics:CLOSED
Dungeons and Dragons: Meet the Party by EmpatheticFrog
The Legacy Of Gille nessy #18 by Deyvidson
PygmaLION by PK4only
chinese cutes  --  '' helium '' by chinese-cutes
General Comics 2: Closed
Poison by Size-And-Stupidity
A Trilobite might by Size-And-Stupidity
Sleepover by Size-And-Stupidity
Journo by Size-And-Stupidity
General Comics 3
Ramen Comics #15 Get yourself together by extraskater
JLA pg16 PLAMBERT by AtelierLambert
Ysemea's Adventures: Beauty 5 by kaeveris
Singing with earphone by KrisantiComics
Manga: Original works
A l'Ouest! Saiyuki!16 by daichikawacemi
Lost and Found: Inner Demons (Cover Updated) by GeeCubed
Love Metal Ch 2 page 17 by HeartandVoice
VCvsDvsCFAD Infierno 6 by puppisama
One Panel and Oneshots
Sequencing study by OcioProduction
Work-Study: Episode 83 by Clovis15
sketchesPink by GrumpyGrump
Rudy G by cosmicplasm
Comedy: CLOSED
Kiwi by sebreg
Teh Stream Chapter 2 - 08 by DoubleLeggy
School's Out by Luckyeater
TRB - Coachella 2013 by geogant
Comedy 2: CLOSED
Pupu #07 by Daieny
Arty and Company #4: Nursery Blogs by ArthurAngles
Lourwind N Demonboy: Easy as A B C by Lourwind
Life Sometimes by sponsoredcontent
Action , Adventure Comics
BTS: Origins pg.9 by ONAMI-COMICS
Herald: Lovecraft and Tesla vol 3 - Tying the Knot by mistermuck

Mature Content

Crow Jane: In the Season of Revenge pg18 by yosarian13
Lady Spectra and Sparky: Changing Spots pg 20 by JKCarrier
Romance Comics
Easy Chapter 4 - 12 by BlahRascal
Easy Chapter 4 - 11 by BlahRascal
Easy Chapter 4 - 10 by BlahRascal
Crystal Casualty 1.42 by FaithWalkers
Drama Comics
Shadow, Page Fifteen by DanielleComics
The Auction page 5 by SkyFitsJeff
The Assassination of Franz Ferdinand 1 - Page 16 by centrifugalstories
Shadow, Page Fourteen by DanielleComics
Sci-fi Comics
Distortion of 4th Dimension - Page 3 Chapter 1 by Oksana007
Jamie Jupiter Season1 Episode18 Page7 by KarToon12
Jamie Jupiter Season1 Episode18 Page6 by KarToon12
Hollow Chapter 2 -Page 1- Echoed Laugh by EricHollobaughArt
Fantasy Comics Closed.
LiA - Chp 5 Pg 28 by LivesInAramire
EXtinction- page 23 by Taikgwendo
TCM: Volume 10 (pg 3) by LivingAliveCreator
Overwatch XXX by Cartoonfan402
Horror , Thriller Comics
Sinking into the VOID-01 by kozispoon
Herald: Lovecraft and Tesla preview page 07_01 by mistermuck

Mature Content

LKTD Issue1 Page4 675 by GrumpyGrump
Fan Comics 2
Bob's Burgers Fan Comics- Cake Suspect by MyMelodyOfTheHeart
Wonder Woman Fan Comic 3: page 56 by DahriAlGhul
The Legends page 5 by GreatBeginofSomethin
Wonder Woman Fan Comic 3: page 55 by DahriAlGhul
Fan Comics
Lonely Hooves 2-17 by Zaron
Silent Hill Promise: 797-799 by Greer-The-Raven
ES: Seeds of Darkness 044 by EStories
Sadstuck Striders by Katkat-Tan
Fan Art 2
YuYu Hakusho ALL by marvelmania
Suicide Squad by Diego Bernard Color by GiuliaPriori
Tank Girl 20XL #00 by RAWhale
Batman - DCEU suit by Spidertof
Fan Art - closed
Starfire and Nightfluff by MaggotCustard
Two Sketch 12: Mew and Mewtwo by Shono
Wolverine Logan Close Up By Desanto Riswandi by NewEraStudios
Super Fly! by P-Shinobi
Original Art - Closed
Yoshio and Hideo by ZooZooDraws
Owen Ulrik by Spintherella
Patreon Tip Jar Add by TheCiemgeCorner
No Mushrooms by TheFawnFlying
18 +

Mature Content

Smoke, Fur And Stone (reboot) - Page 17 by LJ-Phillips

Mature Content

TGTT #2  (10 of 44) by MTJpub

Mature Content

Santa Claus Opening Pages by UnloadComics

Mature Content

Golden Age Comic Collector Opening Pages by UnloadComics
3D and merch
Safg 8 Page 17 by SAFG
Safg 8 Page 16 by SAFG
Wood bow tie Harley Quinn by v-vasilinka
Wood bow tie Green Lantern by v-vasilinka
Digital Illustration/Colouring Steps by Nomiephobia
Tutorial: Designing an Original Character by Iduna-Haya
Batman digital painting process by NJValente
Making of - My Home Is My Castle by FrancosFreax
Finished contests
Twist of Fate by IzyRivera
Elemental mages by Powerbazinga
Triple Decker Contest - Pencils by TheEvilNae
Comedy Comics 3
Hot Hair by jupeykrusho
Silent Sillies -Mavericks and Mummies pt36 by JK-Antwon
Constituent Lions by AK-Is-Harmless
The Batman trauma by KenTsuyotora
Fantasy Comics 2
Trinkets for sale page 8 by megadrivesonic
Chateau Grief 75 by chateaugrief
Bikini Amour by RemnantComic
Morgan And Dragons 2.68 by TAMAnnoying
Original art 2
Unknown Villans by cosmicplasm
Sammy Before  After by Lisa22882
Happy Birthday DamaiMikaz! by Iduna-Haya
Manga 2
Young Gods manga by DinaraButasheva
Moonlit Brew: Chapter 1 Remake Page 1 by midnightclubx
Looking for Friends(Pst) #19: Friends and GO! by GeeCubed
64 by KabraKare

Active Members


:iconjayceeknight: has asked that a shout out be given to Heroes Without Borders by Lucien Soulban and Jean Carrieres
Who are looking to crowd fund Year 2 of the comic.

"Lucien currently works as Script Writer at Ubisoft Montreal and has decades of writing under his belt (RPG books, novels, games, etc.). Jean Carrières is Quality Assurance Director for Activision (operating in Quebec City) and has dozens of successful game projects to his credit. Together, we started Heroes Without Borders almost two years ago and started publishing the comic last year. We funded the entire operation ourselves, working out all the kinks one a a time until we found a rhythm that worked for us. We also wanted to demonstrate our ability to deliver a quality product before asking anyone for support. We feel we’ve successfully done that during Year One, and now we’re ready to go full-on with this project."  - quoted from the duo's
Mozaik Crowdfunding site.…
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